Recruitment and Employment Process


Personnel to management are recruited in accordance with the following criterion:

·        Advance qualification in security management

·        Minimum of two years experience in the security field

·        Proven track record

·        Strong skills base in:

o   Administration

o   Supervision

o   Problem solving

o   Negotiation

o   Mediation

o   Inter-personal relations

o   Communication

o   Dedication

o   Self-discipline

·        Code ethics

Administration and general workers

·        Appropriate training for the relevant position

·        Passionate and committed to the security industry

Security Personnel

The minimum requirement for security personnel are:

·        Grade 10 qualification

·        Qualification (training) from an accredited training institution

·        Registration certificate with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

·        Ability to work with:

o   Responsibility

o   Flexibility

o   Standing long hours

o   Dedication and enthusiasm

o   Integrity

o   Self- discipline