Human Resource Development

All staff members are subjected to training and remuneration as regulated in terms of the current legislation, layed down by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and the Department of Labour.

Management and administrative staff are encouraged to keep abreast with the latest development in the security and general labour industries. This is done through attendance at courses, workshops and seminars, reading of literature and encouragement to study in relevance to their career pathing.

The supervisors are equipped to handle on the job training and security guards are encouraged to further their education and training. Routine checks are performed by members of management on the quality of services being rendered and appropriate measures are put in place.

Conditions of Employment

Lootch Security Service subscribes to the basic conditions of employment regarding hours of work, overtime, leave of absence, fringe benefits, etc as mandated in the Government Gazette and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Strict monitoring processes are in place to ensure that there are no deviations to the set regulations.